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The A's adventures of Two Worlds/one heck of a mess of my little pony and Pokémon
Part 10 of part 1
(Meanwhile, outside near the eastside of Everfree forest, we see Xeidler-A with one knee bent down on the ground with his right hand scanning the drag marks on the ground with Phydo-A standing over him)
Phydo-A: Found anything yet.
Xeidler-A: Once again, for the twenty-fifth time, not yet.
Phydo-A: You know this would be a lot faster if you'd let me track who ever took Pally-A.
Xeidler-A: Yeah, like the time in Vallmoni, when we almost got hanged by a rope in public, by the Werlien-Clan.
Phydo-A: Hey, how was I suppose to know that they were there.
Xeidler-A: Well, I don't care. Anyways, let me figure out were Pally-A went to.
Phydo-A: Alright, alright. Heash.
(As soon as Phydo-A walked to a tree were he can lean back and rest his back, he heard Xeidler-A whispering a familiar song while scanning the ground)
Xeidler-A whispering: Out in the country past the city limit sign, well there's a honky tonk near the county line….
(It was one of Xeidler-A's favorite country songs, and Phydo-A know that for sure, and that if Pally-A was here he would complain about the song, Phydo-A on the other hand didn't complain because if he did Xeidler-A would hit him right between the eyes, that and he didn't care so long as the song wasn't be sung all the time.  However, the song played by Brooks & Dunn, did in fact have a good rhythm to it, that didn't mean he liked it, its just in his opinion that it was catchy that was all, but I'm getting ahead of myself, anyways, when fifteen minutes passed Xeidler-A finally found where Pally-A was taken to)
Xeidler-A getting up from the ground: Well, the people who took him went west, then turned towards north.
Phydo-A: How the heck did you know that.
Xeidler-A: I was trained how to hunt down and track down, remember.
Phydo-A: Oh, yeah forgot about that, anyways, how are we going to rescue him.
Xeidler-A: Remember that one time we disguised yourselves as a mariachi band.
Phydo-A: ( laughing) Yeah, until the real mariachi band arrived and started calling you out in Spanish.
Xeidler-A: Yeah, he was quite mad for some reason.
Phydo-A: Yeah, well we can't do that again now.
Xeidler-A: Well, I got a better idea than disguising yourselves as a mariachi band.
Phydo-A: ( smart mouthing) Yeah, and what's that?
Xeidler-A: (Angry) We're going to disguise yourselves as a blues band.
Phydo-A: alright, calm down, heash. Anyway, what if someone asks us to play something, then what do we do, then?
Xeidler-A: Easy we'll play them the song, "Minnie the Moocher".
Phydo-A: (In disbelief) Yeah, and how are we going to do that with no instruments?
Xeidler-A: (Shacking his head) Well, thank goodness I have this magic guitar.
Phydo-A: You got to be kidding me, you mean the guitar you got from sort of con-artists that we bumped into at the Levigoni market in the city of Valgormoti, near the desert of Watilga.
Xeidler-A: Yes, if you are referring to that one, then yes.
Phydo-A: Well, that's just great. Well, let's go then shall we. I can't wait to get killed be some strange creatures we don't know about.
(Due to that Xeidler-A whipped up some magic {which he only uses when he feels like doing so} to instantly make him and Phydo-A look like a Blues band, but he also wanted to make sure that they would blend in. So, he made them like somewhat close to as some of the creatures of the freak world would looked like and what some of the creatures here looked liked. So he made Phydo-A look like a Minotaur mixed with some parts of a Cynocephali, but for himself, well He made himself look like a Griffon and some parts of a Phoenix, {Unfortunately this will only last 'til they rescue Pally-A, that and only they can see what they really look like no one else can, and please don't ask why it's freak world magic its quite hard to explain} and with that said the two were off towards Ponyville.)
It up and ready to go. (NOTE): I got borded and this is why its short. Plus, part 11 is taking some time.
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